1. Text Overlays

The words you put on your Idea Pins impact how they appear in Pinterest searches. It's like using good words to be found by more people, so choose the right keywords.

2. Stay in Loop with Trends

Stay in the know about what's popular on Pinterest. Use their trends tool to see how many people might like what you want to share. Create content that lots of people will like!

3. Board Details

After making Idea Pins, save them in Boards. Arrange them as you want, but always fill in the details—names, descriptions, & categories. It helps your content appear in Pinterest search results.

4. Don't Forget Hashtags

To make your Pins show up more, write detailed descriptions. Use hashtags and keywords that people search for. The better the match, the more your Pins will be seen by users. 

5. Keyword-Rich Pin Descriptions

Pinterest is like a picture search engine. When you make pins, describe them well with words that matter. Don't just describe—use keywords that help people find you easily. 

6. Make New Stuff Regularly

Generate new content consistently. Try making new Idea Pins weekly to keep your current followers interested and find even more people.