1. After Effects

It offers features like animated titles, visual effects, motion graphics, & green-screen videos. Whether you are making videos or enhancing visuals, it's a powerhouse for diverse creative purposes.

2. Premiere Pro 

A video editing powerhouse with AI tools for color, audio, and text, seamlessly integrated with Adobe's suite for efficient creativity. 

3. Da Vinci Resolve 

Professional video editing with a budget-friendly approach. It has a complete suite of editing, color grading, audio mastering, and visual effects, plus upgrade options for advanced features. 

4. Camtasia

Camtasia simplifies video creation with effortless screen recording, intuitive editing tools, and a rich feature set—making the process enjoyable and resulting in professional, engaging content. 

5. Filmora 

Its capabilities lie in its user-friendly interface, offering easy video editing with built-in effects, transitions, and support for multiple tracks. It caters to beginners, providing simplicity without compromising creative options.