Pay attention to Google’s People Also Ask' segment 

This segment offers related questions and insights, enabling you to optimize your content and attract a broader audience, ultimately boosting your website's organic visibility and performance. 

Examine your Competitors 

Taking ideas from your rivals can help you develop an effective SEO strategy. Discover the keywords that led to their success and explore their backlink network to learn information for refining your strategy.

Internal Linking and inbound links 

Effective linking boosts SEO by enhancing reader experience and signaling value to search engines. Internal links facilitate page relationships, guiding readers to explore more content. 

Revamp Old Content 

Make sure your SEO content remains relevant to maintain its effectiveness over time. Regularly review your more established, effective content, and update it whenever necessary. 

Essential website metrics 

These metrics, encompassing factors like loading speed, interactivity, & visual stability, directly influence user experience. The better your website performs, the longer visitors stay.