The New E in EAT

Google's EAT principle expands to E-EAT by including 'Experience,' indicating that content quality should have the creator's expertise, authority, trust, and overall experience.

User Centric Content 

Brands fixated solely on search traffic without user-focused content risk ranking failure. Remaining within industry themes is vital for creating content that secures a strong rank. 

Utilizing SEO automation tools and technologies is crucial for optimizing website performance and enhancing Google rankings .

SEO Automation

Google is prioritizing real, audience-oriented content to counter the rise of auto-generated content, aiming to ensure that genuine human-created content ranks higher in search results. 

Author Authority 

Page speed insights and core web vitals remain crucial for assessing website speed. Brands enhancing page speed with content quality experience better rankings across their entire domain. 

Speedy & High Performing Websites