Mobile Friendly Website

Having a mobile-friendly website is more crucial than ever because the majority of searches take place on mobile devices.

Fast website loading  

Increase website speed for improved user experience and search engine rankings. Reduce page load times by caching, compressing, and resizing images. 

Implement HTTPS security 

Use HTTPS encryption to secure your website and increase user confidence. Implement SSL/TLS certificates for secure browsing and encrypted communication to improve SEO rankings. 

Implement a robots.txt file

To restrict access to your website by search engine crawlers, create a robots.txt file. Use it to indicate which pages should be indexed, enhancing the SEO of your website and safeguarding private data. 

Generate & Submit Sitemap

To ensure that search engines can find every page of your website, create a sitemap. By submitting the sitemap, you can improve crawling, indexing, and the visibility of your website in search results.