AlphaCode is a smart coding buddy that helps developers write, fix bugs, and improve their code faster using fancy AI tricks, making coding easier and more efficient for teams.

GitHub Copilot

It is like having a coding partner in your favorite editor, helping you write code faster and learn along the way. It gives you instant suggestions, explanations, and even completes your code for you, making coding easier.


Scribe is your go-to writing sidekick, perfect for journalists, students, and professionals. It helps summarize articles, craft reports, and even tackle academic writing, boosting productivity with tailored assistance.

Cohere Generate

It is like a wizard for developers, helping them build engaging dialogue systems and personalized email content effortlessly. Creates interactive chatbots and custom emails, though it's important to fine-tune to make smooth interactions.


It is like a super-smart helper excelling in processing text data, engaging in fluent conversations, and even mastering multiple languages, including programming languages. It's your go-to for automating workflows.