Voice Pen Ai

Effortlessly pen down your important interviews & record meetings, your time-saving transcription assistant. A helpful tool to convert audio content into written text.

Synthesia Ai

Create professional videos in  just 15 minutes. Even companies  such as Amazon & BBC use this  ai in order to make save 80% of  your time & budget. 


An innovative ai that transforms hand-drawn sketches into functional HTML code. This tool lets designers meld the worlds of design & development with a touch of magic. 

Framer Ai 

Helps in generating the entire website in just one single prompt. Create dynamic blogs, websites & landing pages using Ai Website Builder easily. 

Craftly Ai 

An affordable solution for your copywriting needs used by major companies such as Forbes and GoDaddy. With its playful touch, it simplifies content creation, like having your own robot assistant.